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Thursday, July 23, 2009

alright all is my bad , okay ?

Smile =)

She's victim ?
than what about us ?
we nvr stop her .
and we nvr hate her .
we were just dun understand everything about it .
and we nvr say about it , so wat's the point for writing tat post ?
if you dunno everything just STFU !
i dun understand why you're involve in tis problems .
yea , we're not close to tat boy .
YOU'RE la .
and yet we nvr help him or wadever .
besides that , we said he wont wait her anymore !
do you know that ? i knew you wunt believe me .
since you so close to him go and ask him .
actually ,
wat the boys did today 4 of us also dunno .
so wat's the point for telling this out ?
and showing those faces to us ?
Yes , i dun understand everything .
but we didt care we were just sitting a side a talk to ourselves .
However , we know that is her happiness .
and we didt stop her to do anythings .
just like today .
they sat together and we didt do anything to her .
so is this our wrong ?
you figure it out .

I'm sorry !
I'm not angry or what .
I was just think that is really unfair to us .
please .
If i'm wrong tell me .

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