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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Zealand ? coming or not ?

The day's coming towards .
Unfair ?
Fear ?

Sunday .
Watched Transformer 2 .
Is nice !
Guys go and watch .

Monday .
School was as usual .
But i was thinking what happen to us ?
We separate again ..
I dun understand why ?
all is just because of you or all of the ppl chged ?
Please , tell us if you need help .
dun keep it all inside your heart !

Tuesday .
School was okayy .
Tuition .
I was shock when i received the massage .
because we were not close at all .
but you text - ed me .
But i wish you can chill ! and all the best for you 'fight'

Today .
Received something unhappy for myself .
but for her is awesome .
I'm not happy to that !
Damn no mood at the afternoon .
mayb i'm okayy now .
I used almost 4 minutes to fark off those things .
suan le bah !
forget about it !
I was playing skype with Weng , David and "SZE"
lol !
that "SZE" is sze's bro . and he keep on scold us lcly !
and the two of them were scolding him bac .
He damn childish la weyy !
Sze you should scold ur bro !
How's tomoro going to be ?
anyone ponteng ?
aww ..

x I want him to be like friend .
o Yes ! I like him but not love .
x all you have is just about it .
o SWT !

J e s s .

什么是爱 ?
要怎样珍惜 ?

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