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Friday, July 24, 2009

I wish the days with those happinese will come back

I'm dead !
in a light .

Today's parents meet teachers day .
and yet im at home .
cz my parents were not at Malaysia .
So i should make appointment to the school and meet those teachers again !
How are we yesterday ?
I heard what she said about us yesterday .
I was damn angry when she said that .
but I cant do anything .
I want those days to be come back .
although is difficult ..

I dunno why you can chg so fast .
and within this few days ..
Maybe she's right everything will change ..
not just things even human will change .

I knew no use to apologize now .
but i still wanna say sorry to all of you .
No forgiven ?

My mum's back ltr .
she told me she brought some shirts and a wallet for me !
thanks !!
I L Y .

x How's today ?
o sorry for not going today .
x I think i should try it ..
o tell me now .. please .

i ' m s o r r y .

How do I live ?
without those friendship ?
those opinion from you guys ?

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