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Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's no answer until the end . I leave ..

The life .
Had gone .
I dun want you to treat me like that .
Please ..

Ntg much happened today .
Yesterday , Pei asked me sumthing bout 'their' things .
me , her and weii also choose him .
I have no idea ..
But this is her choice we cant help so much ..
and yet , seriously i want you to be with him better than a guy which u're not really close with ..although he's being nice to you now . but do u know about future ? we though the same thing .
you ain't secret to us ..
He too ..
I dun wan my friend to become far from us or wadever .
just be like last time .
the last time we met , last time the things happened .
please ..
I wanna help you . not me only . + the whole gang ..

to you :
I'm sorry bout yesterday .
pushed ur hand away and shook my head downwards .
I'm damn sorry and regret ..
Please dun think too much about it .

the other you :
Please dun said all those things to me .
and the questions you asked .
please ..

x I don't wanna miss a thing .
o I'm sorry ..
x I knew i'm not sorry .
o I want you back , please ..

J e s s .

Can we be friends ?
I want the passed come back !

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