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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wish everything gonna be alright .
not only me . the others three also ..

I just received some of the pics of 200709 .
was the day awesome ?
haha . yea . me and Saik Hoe is pinky !
the pics are here ..
still got some. Jia En not yet upload .
when i receive it i will post it here or in facebook .

spot my bro showing wat ..
McD !
BIG BREAST ? Saik Hoe dun have .. Xp
Jia En and me ..
The pinky surrounding the pink lover !

Heart !! left out Kah Wai
Super Model ?
is us ! we had a great time .
just like the poster for Super Model ?
Bye Carmen ! =)
We're always there for you and also you in our heart !

Everything gonna be alright .
and yet i dont want make this to be the last stage ..
but i think it will be ..
what is important at outside ?
what is happening today ?
clap ?
i know what you're thinking .
wish it ?
we'llfarkoffourselfnoneedyoutosaytous .
ifyouwantto .
school was okay .
i think ..
they laught !
they smile !
i miss the old time
but i know it wunt be happen again .
as sze sent tat msg to me .
i agree with her !
seriously . i feel the same way ~~
* speechless *

x leave ; happy ?
o worried .
x are we involve in it ?
o ithinki'mlovingyou ; ithinki'mmissingyou .

m i s s t h e o l d t i m e .


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