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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sis is back !

I was back from the airport ; KLIA .
for my sis ~
She's now in the Roal Brunei Airline to Brunei .
After 12 hours she gonna back to Auckland for her studies ~~~
means she's now sitting in the plane and relaxing herself after 2 hours in Brunei booked a hotel for her .. and after 12 hours she will be sitting the same airline for the same journey to Auckland . for sure she'll be very very very very boring !
I miss her ..
lols .
for no reason ..
there are so many people went to airport and 'song ji' =)
what a good friends she has .
she cried again ! every time she gonna back she cried .
she received called by Joe Yang , Harry and Ming Sang i think .
lols .
When Kah Wai arrived she saw him she cried again !
LOL ! Saik Hoe went today ..
We took many many pics . but all is in Jia En's camera ..
gonna receive from her tomoro .

Carmen Tan , I will miss you !
no worries ..

x I gonna leave . Happy ?
o Bet ?
x Deal ?
o I hate !

m i s s e d .

I want the old attitude .
No changes please ..

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