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Sunday, July 26, 2009

the feel is weird . i nvr tried it before ..

It's sad,
How people lock themselves up,
In their own little world.

We lie to ourselves,
Say that everything's alright,
Everythings fine.

We wear the mask,
And act the part,
And say it's all part of the show.

We live in boxes,
See in darkness,
And yet we lie to ourselves .

I't's our world
That we live in,
Why should it change?


Is Saturday .
people are going out with friends or family ..
and yet I'm staying at home the whole morning and having my tuition .
although i have dinner with the Siew's family .
I still thinking what can be solve .
Just chatted finish with ynG .
we had a long time never chat ..
hmmm ...
i miss her face and her sound with her braces . LOL !
we chatted bout the school life .
she knows .
but i cant think too much .
I just know that i miss those day .
I think i miss you guys to be like last time .
but i don't think you guys want ..
Sorry for thinking it .

x I think everything gonna be alright .
o I was telling lies to myself .
x I missed .
o I loved .

i h e a r d t h a t .

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