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Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm crazy !

I'm mad !
I'm paranoid !
I'm crazy !
I'm out standing !

The very 1st time .
Kang never scold me .
Mayb is cz of my dad .
Thanks dad !
No more Penang trip !
been canceled .
means i going to have my tuition classes again !
I feel freaking tired with my tuition classes .
Damn sien bout it !

Maybe you guys were trying to ignore me .
but yet , I was trying to ask u guys bout wat i did .
Or think too much ?
Laugh guys !
Is you and me right now ..

x Fly with me .
o I'm getting crazier !
x Line up for friends .
o There's no us and forever ..

J e s s .

Everything gonna be alright .
Trying times out !
I'm outsider ..

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