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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What izit about ?

Just friends?
After everything
After all I’ve done
All I’ve been through
All of it just for you
All we are is friends?

After all the times you kicked me down
After all the times I protected you
Held you
Comforted you
All we are is friends?
All we are is buddies?
Not anything more
I mean nothing more?

After everything… such a slap
Such a kick
I will not survive
I will not live out another night
I needed more from you
The one thing I asked for
Only your love
And all we are is friends…

After all I’ve done
It never was good enough
It never was enough for you
You never could see my love for you
You never could see my need for you
You were blind…
And in the end…
All we are is friends

I love them and I hate them,
I need them but yet sometimes I want them far away.
I hurt their feelings sometimes but expect them not to hurt mine.
I wish they would be this or that but I love them they way they are.

They are funny and loud,
They are quiet and reserved.
They are obnoxious and immature,
They are clingy and needy.

They are sometimes rude,
They are sometimes mean.
They don’t always understand me,
They don’t always listen.

Some secretly hate me,
Some don’t really care,
Some don’t know what to say.

I love them all the same though.
I most definitely need them too.
But I just don’t know if they need me…

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