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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny , rain and sushi day !

It's weekend !
I wonder what's people doing out there with the Wasak day , i think . In the afternoon , my mum and aunty Chris went out to buy some ingrediants for tonight's dinner which it's sushi ! =)
Carmen and I stayed at home and William went out with James just to watch Price of Persia .
It's kinda weird when two boys went to watch a movie . (fag)
Before the thing start just want to mention that I spent the day just stayed at home and cleaning up the rooms , taking photos and also prepare food for our dearest brothers and sis !
Let's let the photo do the typing .

reviewing of the ingredients .
My favorite ! *sorry for the blur picture I took*
let's see .
- Salmon
- Cucumber
- Egg
- Mayo
- Seaweed
- Rice
- pear ?
The favorite we put in the sushi role .
we did the triangle sushi which taste pretty good !
Full view of my house's dining room .
Don't you think it's kinda pretty ?

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