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Saturday, May 29, 2010

First time of 1 hour 2 minutes and 55 second talk .

I'm glad there's someone like her who came can ring me up and wasted one hour just on me with our jokes . The girl I met , Carmen Pang ... She told me things she's not happy at and I told her mine . We are humans and we have feelings no point for saying I hope so ...
I talked with Carmen today it's kinda surprise when I talked to her 'cause I though she will change the way she talk but who knows she swore in every sentences and that was what we used to be I just dont know why I feel weird with those words . LOL !
Forget about what I typed just to remind Carmen that I'm glad you called and talked to me today and I do appreciate it !

You're the really first one and
I'm still waiting you to get a webcam !
You're such a slower ...
Please don't ever mention pv and ts and say I forgot you're in NZ .

the really memories .
chik - chak .

p/s: Carmen ! next time we can skype through my phone !

I'm still waiting you to take 'RapidKL' to come here .
So as ChoonWei to get a GPS . =)

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