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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Need some fresh air !

I was busy with my school works past few weeks and even the weekend . My dad came last Tuesday (110510) and he left just in the morning of today . He came to help us clean up the house and editing the house with his ' genius brain ' ! =) what to say Will and I don't really have much time to chat with him about the school things 'cause of the school works and those assignments are dragging me to hell . However , I bet we can have more time with him in the next term . What to say ? my sis got her new phone which was what I wanted to have E72 it's in brow and I love it too bad my X6 is not with me yet thanks to my genius dad . He forgot to bring it here and he left it in his office ! GOSH !!!!!

Something to say it's that I've moved into my new house and I enjoy my life here ( not at school ) . Another thing it's that I won't able to blog as often as last time 'cause of school work and I don't really know what to blog . I spent all my life with sleep , eat , work and random stuff . Sorry boss , i dah gained weight sangat depress a ...

As yesterday I spent my time in fb with the crazy boys ever . The very first time I love them . The only them i never close up with ... I always wanted to know them more until yesterday I know how crazy they could be and how cute they are . I just can't stop laughing at the way they spam my wall and chatting crap in just 30 minutes . That day was a fairytale .

I will try my best update back the thing i have been through last few days . like mothers day and bla bla bla . =)

love me before you leave and tag .

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