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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Better don't expect too much .

Saturday was the 141th day in the year . Nothing special about that day just spend the day at home and tried my very best to finish my work ! It's kinda bored at home but I found something really interested me ... I found a guy which can just put everything at the first but not himself ! I'm just glad that I have a friend like him although I dont know him well but still I just appreciate the time he spent just to calm someone ... The day ended with silence but we went to city today ! sis bought some clothes , mum bought some leggings and me ? I ate full back home which always make me gained weight again . * I gonna broke my promise *

Sunday , the 23rd of May . Always the boring day , it's my day to clean up ! (argggg) Woke up around 0830 and clean up prepare to go Sunday Market and woke my mum up and when to kicten and *ding* some bread for me and bro with a cup of hot chocolate which will always make me sober enough for do things . After that , Carmen woke up and started to make breakfast which is bacon and egg it's so western ! After eating went to sunday market and walk walk walk . We met James , Vanessa and uncle Alex there . I bough a pants for sleep ? lol ...

After that went to have our lunch with aunty May and uncle Ben also Natalie together . after lunch went to walk around Takapuna . I bought a cloths from Supre and 1 pair of jeans from TOPSHOP ! Do you know TOPSHOP in NZ it's a really branded stuff and it just open like for 2 months . I prefer Malaysia's one more than here . The clothes are alright but I likey M'sia's . =) After shopping when to a lolli shop ! bought some jelly beans and lollies with hockey pockey ... Then went back to Wairau and buy some stuff ... Home sweet Home after some times . It's kinda tired and full again ! I wonder why I get so full recently ? I really need to put on diet but it's raining everyday with windy clouds .

Went back home and clean up , prepare for school's thing then ate my dinner . However , I chatted with yang , grace and jing for awhile and now I'm here typing all these . No pictures for these few days .

Sometimes , I just can't smile according to my feelings .
Happy enough but not happy enough to smile .

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