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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

documents which chill me .

Title has shown what I wanted to say .
I always wanted to ask questions about these documents but I dont really have the time of it . However , Now I have some of the time to ask about it . =D

there are 7 pages which included ;

1st the cover which full of signature .
2nd big words by Janice .
3rd full of words by nee nee ? I always wonder it's moonie or Loh Sze Nee ?
4th by the only DaiBs by Saw Jing Wei I though but the truth is who ? hmm ...
5th a word on that page which is Honey .
6th suppose to full of hand writing by Brenda Ng but what I see is ... only last few sentence she wrote it herself .
7th the page that I love the most which it always chill me up with . By Foo Xue Sze .
what she wrote is meaningful to me and the ps little things it's lovely .

1st page sign by the love ones which really full of love .

2nd . scroll down and there's the question .

" P/S : i'm crying , hahaha. =( "
As people said never let the love ones cry but I have did it how am I going to live ?
the second page full of words the notice it's JANGAN NANGIS which I didn't but I laugh .
3rd page ;
By DaiBs . I always wonder this is written by Wei or Xuan ?

4th ; I can't stop look at the words . I just wonder this is write by Brenda or Janice loh ? hmm ...
5th ; The love ones by Brenda Ng .
she didn't write this but the only last two sentences .

wo ai ni !! TAN + * . Muaks !! '
I was like wth ? but it's still sweet enough for me . =D

the last page by SZE .
I love this really much it make me cry when I read this at the airport .
at that moment . =D
I love this sentence .

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