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Monday, May 31, 2010

Take a deep breathe and have a break enjoy your day ...

Just with a big smile on your/my face . =)

take a deep breath and have a break to enjoy your day .

Finally , I finished my Math , Science and Geog internal plus practices . It's pretty stress to have exams just in one day and tomorrow I have another internal for my Geog for Task 1.b which it's killing me but I'm here just 'cause of my resource sheets are with the teacher so I think I don't need to study it first ? Whatever it says , just wanna say I had my very first tuition here . It's kinda boring just to face an old lady in a small space just like the bathroom that I'm having now . I'm tire after school but for my mum she said that's the only time to have tuition I'm bored just to have tuition . I thought I come here I don't need to tuition anymore but tuition refreshed my mind ...

Remembered last time I used to tuition with my wifey but now no one are accompanying me to tuition class and there's no someone like them who text me while I'm having tuition . It's so boring when you don't know what to talk and do . The first day of tuition I already receive homework and it's just killing me write the title which is ' Changing Countries ' . For me I think people nowadays won't want to change anything in their life yet , good things often come from change . As I think this topic reminds me that day I left the country where I used to live in and where all my friends were and all the fun memories were all at there but now I have to start a brand new journey which make me feel different . I don't wanted to change after I'm here . I was bagging to come early but it's always too late to regret . The conclusion are always regret and what to think about the future life of here ? A little joke it's all the teachers in the tuition center though William and I were from China and I was like wth ? I'm 100% pure Malaysian can't you see ? Besides that , they kept calling me with the wrong name which it's Jessica , Jenny ? Gosh ! My name is not that hard to pronounce right ? ==

Questions marks ; ?
What you will do when you want to release stress ?
What you will have when you want a break ?
What make you feel worst ?

maybe she's right I might be .

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