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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers' day ; love from us .

Mother's day ; the only thing we can give it's just this .

It's mother's day .
Nothing special but this is the only day we should say thanks and the day we should do something for the Mums' . =D Woke up and clean up the new house and what we do it's went to Pak n' Save for dinner's ingredients . we bought that like 500something which it's a really expensive dinner ! hahaha

More pictures in FB ;
here are some of it just view it I never edit it 'cause I have no free time for it sorry peeps ! =D

decoration of the dinner place ;
as you can see there's no table for us to have dinner so we use the carpet as a table .
the appertizer was soup and these . it's pretty full after these .
Chef of the day ; Carmen
the assistants were
Jessie , James , Williams and Vanessa .

The mums' !

The main course of the day .
it's really good dinner we have but we have spent tons of time in the kitchen
I was pretty smelly after the cooked !

We enjoyed the day and ofcz the mother's day present it's made from Carmen too . =D
I will take the picture soon . <3

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