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Thursday, May 6, 2010

you never know how sugary it could be .

What to do with feeling other than thought ?

she always hope to get a sugary lips but she can't ,
'cause she has got braces . =)

我突然很想写华语可是又很想加一点点的ENGLISH 。
So I decided to start something like this . =)

我突然才发现我忘了什么是爱 ?I was listening to my itunes but what to playlist play are all about love . Just like 刺猬 by Landy , Inside Your heaven by Carrie Underwood , Because you loved me by Celine Dion and also 以前以后 by A-Lin . 直道刚才我看回我以前写的部落格我看到以前的我有几笨去爱一个我不值得爱的人。而现在的我只顾着想念朋友还有想回以前,我知道人是要向前看可是在一个全新的环境我只想到以前的回忆没有一样东西是关于真正的爱可是最好笑的是我都不在乎。所以我打算面对我唯一的未来算一算我应该还need like 6 to 7 months to get back what I missed last few months ago like the memories I missed and the photos I forgot to take from them . 原来我还有一座山的东西还没有做,直到前几天我看一看FB我看到我所谓的朋友已经大了。 他,她和他们已经变了不再是以前的他们了。他承受了他应该得到的,她变女人了,他们都不在幼稚了。我想念的朋友已经不是我所想的了,而他们是不是都跟我想的一样?
I wish so hard that there are someone like you guys at here . The always smile ones , the always love ones , the always angry ones and the always greedy ones also dont forget the selfish ones . There are like thousand of people shouting but not like the old time shout at the form 2 or 3s' corridor . No one like us keep annoy the teacher and stand beside the rubbish bin . Some words to say it's just I miss those memories and I hope I can have it now .
我大概每天都对自己讲我不可以每天羡慕他们那么开心可是我大概已经麻木了。每一次看到我都觉得怪怪的, 每次我都跟我自己讲那是别人的事不应该再理了我再不一样的地方我也管不了他们的自由。。。
I just making myself happier in the life here . Life's too simple here , it makes me think too much and it make me keep clicking in their profile have a real look and it just make me feel jealous again ! I just can't stop laughing at myself for being that stupid in these kind of things and let myself suffering from the feeling of jealousy .

you never taste and you never wanted to try it ;
It's really hard to explain and really hard to tell ,
why she's being that way and being so damn alone here .

It's all written by her ,
JessieTanJiaXian .

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