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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Foo Foo !!!

I might be late or it's not ?
Btw , I'm here to wish my Foo Foo !
who's the bitch that makes me laugh all the time and
the one who always fight with me ( boobs , butt and !@#$%^&* )
Here comes the little memories . I lost most of the picture and I just realize we didn't take much photos . ==
Happy Sweet 16 .
My Foo Foo !!!
I love You .
It's the newest picture I took with you .
Kiss from the only her .

Kiss from me to her . Bitchyyyy

The bitchest pose of hers .
She's a whore too . =)
The serious face of her but ....
*scroll down*
this is the scary face of her .
UNO player got crazy ?
Camera shy ?
like one years ago .
The biggest hug of hers .
In genting I forgot what was the date but I can still remember how we trapped in the theme park . I just love it and can't forget about it .

Lastly , I wanna wish the bitch , slut , whore Happy Birthday !
I will get a present for you but not in this time .

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