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Thursday, May 20, 2010

it took longer than I though .

Finally , it's a free day .
How am I going to explain a free day as ?

I'm ' free ' of homework .
I'm ' free ' of eating .
I'm ' free ' to play .
I'm ' free ' to miss .
I'm ' free ' to sing .
I'm ' free ' to listen .
I'm ' free ' to blog !

Everything seems to be free to me just for today i think ?
Today's weather is freaking cold no sun for the whole day and we walked home while it's raining sometimes it felt good to walk in the rain . It made me staring at my shoe / my feet how it moved and how it works like . I kept smiling when I was walking it make me think of the last time Hoe , Quan , Joe and I was running to Gipo's house . I always wanted it to happen again but nothing will happen exactly the same as it is all past .

I was viewing people's blog as I don't know them at all . I realize to become a blogger is not easier than I though . =) So I decided to be a simplest blogger ever , I want simple life , simple blog , simple comment , simple love from the only them . Although the love don't really live here anymore ... No one is perfect but they are the one who makes me feel perfect . I miss them but I though of ' that should be me in the photo ; that should be me in the status ; that should be me in your heart ; that should be me in the video . ' Everything I saw I though of the same thing just ' that should be me ' .

Yang , Jing and I were chatting in my status I think ? Yang introduce me a song by JB although I don't really like him but I like that song , ' That Should Be Me ' . The lyrics it's kinda simple but i just like it . I always though of the same thing which wrote in the lyrics . I wondered what happen to Yang ? He seems to be so quite and so emo nowadays ? I think everything , everyone , every moment changed ! No point for saying it when no one wants it to be back to normal .

Day in school wans't fun as I though .
I though I can make really good friends ; I though I can make more friends just the same as my sis ; I though I can catch up easily ; I though I can get some friends ; I though my maths is good enough ; I though account it's hard for me ; I though geog class was easy ; I though art class it's fun ; I though english it's hard for me ; I though science it's easy for me .
Everything I though it's opposite .. I wonder how you make friends when you're in standard 1 or even form 1 ?

Tomorrow is a day my ' tobelove 's birthday ' .
I dont know what to do so I might just blog something in the blog or I send a really late present for her ? hmmm ...

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