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Monday, November 30, 2009

Is so not simple as i thought .

The most beautiful things
are often the most simple .

The day gonna end .
As i went to SGM today .
It seems to be ages I haven't been there .
i got a good feeling when i reached there for no reason !
as we did the donation for sis , bro , aunty , mummy and I .
after that mummy and I prayed for 1 hour plus .
then went to Quan's house to fetch her some shirts for the Japan trip .
and I wasted the whole afternoon there .
around 4 something went to LeisureMall again for movie .
but the same problem , the show time was too late and my mum didn't want to wait for it .
then straight to popular i suppose to buy some books since my mum don't let so no books for me but she bought herself a recipe for baking cakes and bla bla .
then went to have our dinner and took Jojo back from aunty Debby .
finally Jojo is back to home and now it's sleeping on its own bed .
It seems to be so tired with red eyes . O.O
that fat dog ! =D
Wanna go out but cant !
tomorrow going tuition again then Tuesday gonna be in Ipoh .

Give me a dozen healthy infants .

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