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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm back from that place ! that was ...

It was fun .
Again ?
I went back from Sabah last night .
and yet i'm here to tell everything i did .
it was fun , awesome and everything seems to be wonderful plus no pressure inside my head at there .
and this will be a long long post ! =D

it start with the day ,
23th of November .
Monday .
i woke up at 5 something to prepare myself and went to airport with aunty Debby .
we reach there around 7 .
the airport was full of people i wonder why so much ppl came to Malaysia for ?
we self check - in and choose our place in the flight .
we sat at the back .
after check it went to put our luggage then went to had our breakfast .
then 0840 on board .
on the flight i took some photos .
The very first time i think Malaysia was so damn beautiful .
Photo will be upload soon .
after 2 hours and 5 minutes we reached Sabah .
and took our luggage and went out sent to search hotel plus my name !
Found ! then went to LeMalidien to meet up my mum and bro .
when i reach i just know my bro get the 4th place for his Robotic Competition .
=) *clap clap* .
then we rested within the few hours we shopping 'cause the opposite of our house there are 3 shopping malls we brought many many things then went back until 4 o'clock .
the driver pick us up then went to a small village to have our tea time and wait until night for the fire fly ! =)
i saw many of them in the tree just like a Christmas tree it was wonderful and it flies wildly towards the boat .
it was beautiful is much then i though .
after seeing it . at night went to had our dinner and went back hotel .
we took bath and rest .

the day was wonderful and fun .
p/s : the hotel is so damn nice and it's totally FREE !

on the 24th of November .
Tuesday ; was someone birthday . XD
on this day we went to Mountain K . K .
we went to the national park of there and we saw many things .
we saw the smallest orchid in the world .
It's as small as an ear ring . It so damn small .
after walking it went to the Hot Spring park .
before going there we went to cross the bridge .
It's high and my mum shout on it !
hahahha . cant believe she scared of high .
after that we went to see the biggest flower in the world .
Rafflesia .
a normal Rafflesia needs to use 6 to 18 months to process and grow and it only grow for 1 to 8 days .
and what we saw is the 5th day of it .
It was in dark red colour .
and there are some others which haven grow heard the village who found it say on the May of next year it will have 2 of it grow but dunno what date .
hmm ... feel like going agian to see it .
after it went to the hotel of the moutain .
all the night was cold and lonely .
luckily , got them to accompany me ,
my phone , ipod and my camera .
and the guys who texted me . XD
Something happen went I sitting alone outside the room .
I ' bb ' beside my room took a called , i think is his gf .
They called and talked come thing ' yuk ma' . =X
i feel like getting it too .
being alone outside the door like ..... but still i got the guys .

The day was boring but i have fun in my phone . =)

25th of November .
Was Wednesday .
the day for the view of the tallest moutain .
I woke up at 5 for the picture of it .
It still with the clown all arounf it and it was cold as last night .
10 'c , i wore school shorts and a t - shirt . WTH !
being so cold at night and the next day . phewww .
This is real ....
after that we went down the moutain and bought something
straight to White Water rafting .
It was fun althought the level of it was only 2 .
the coach push all of them down except me !
haha . too bad i made him forget to push me down .
* yea hooo *
the same we took picture and i flow all around the river it was big !
after the rafting then went back to city the same hotel rest then have dinner seafood again !
I'm gaining weight .
WTH !!!
then back to hotel bath and texted all along .
XD thanks to them also . =)

It ends again with suprise and fellness . =)

26th of November .
Thursday , last day of the trip .
went to Pulau Sapi .
we played lots of thing .
Sea walking , parasail , banana boat and also snokling .
we use the whole day in the island and we bath at uncle house then straight to airport .
Although it was rush and yet it still fun .
Photos will be upload
give me some time .

I'm sorry .

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