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Saturday, November 28, 2009

the 501st post . =)

Like I'm going to sick .
arggg .

We loved ,
Tuition today .
tomorrow is just the same tomorrow will be tuition the whole day .
I want to rest again , my hands don't work .
Went to Quan's house after tuition is 9 something and yet
Joe and Jane were also there .
Jane gonna go Penang on the next month .
i miss her . =(
We smiled .
we laughed .
we cried .
we gossiped .
we gathered .
everything we did for sic years together .
I love it . and i won't forget the first day we went out together .

There's a bad news to them .
I'm sorry that i can't go Genting on the 2nd of December dy .
I text - ed the cow but i dunno she get it anot .
I can't go dy , 'cause my mum needs to bring me to Ipoh for relative dinner .
I know you guys gonna say lots of thing but i still need to apologize again .
I know this was the last trip that we gather but the dinner cant be push .
so i ...
Sorry , the whole gang .

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