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Friday, December 4, 2009

Like so ...

Since she likes so
I have nothing to say
She was writing me like i don't know .
Back from Ipoh
and yet I gained weight !
WTH !!!!
they are in Genting at the moment except me i think .
I knew there no use for saying sorry again .
erhemm ...
and yet she don't really believe me .
It ends with the lies , if they think so ..

Her post starts .
011209 .
Tuesday .
Is morning ..
got up and got ready for the trip to dinner .
Mummy , bro and I went to have breakfast .
then went to shop and dropped Jojo let aunt Debby take care .
after that we started our journey to Ipoh .
first we went to petrol station and wait for Quan's mother 'cause we are staying at her aunt's house .
and yet Quan was there with her mum to Ipoh !
i heard that Hoe and his brother were already there so we just straight to Ipoh then is done !
after 2 hours plus we reached Ipoh .
the city wasn't the same as KL .
Is totally different .
there are less car less people but more food !
haha .
aunty Sharon bought us to eat on the first day it tasted damn nice .
then back to home and had bath then out to had DINNER ! * sucks *
after the dinner went to have supper with quan they all to had Rojak !
while we were enjoying it we saw something just looked alike to a tv show .
we saw how people ' king sou ' .
we saw how people call their father and
we saw how people took a beer glass and almost gonna knock to another guys head !
and we also saw a guy which totally in drugs and his body were shaking all along the chat between them !
can't imagine how are they gonna be settle .
and my mum bought us back home .

021209 .
Wednesday .
the day they in Genting .
still in Ipoh ,
went to pasar at 10 something aunty bought us and taste ' pig lung noodle ' .
Is nice and the ' sek san ' went before .
is totally dilicious !
after it went back to home and took some pictures gonna upload soon .
then we had our dinner at food court !
rojak again and 12 people including the babies .
we ordered and ate

the day ended with :
we chatted , gossiped and ss - ed !

031209 .
Thursday .
we loved , we bye - d .
we went to the same pasar again !
ate the same things then chat for awhile
I went back KL .
and quan all of them are stll there went we have reached .
then straight to aunty Annie's house to take fish for the BBQ party on Saturday .
then went to Leisuremall and had lunch
guess what ?
we met Jia En , Ana and Poh Chin at ' wow kong ' .
then went to shop to pick up Jojo .
and finally home sweet home .
However , I cleaned up the room , washed up and finally I'm here to blog .

you suck !
why don't you tell me straight away ?
no way to write this crap and saying those fark things .

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