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Friday, November 20, 2009

The blog i ❤ .

The truth that you leave .
We're in it with nine of us .

181109 .
Wednesday .
Went to school again !
I went to pavilion ofter school with the Top Family , 3 outsider and 1 absent .
Thanks to the bitch .
we went to pv after school meet up David and Wei .
bought ticket for 2012 . 12 tickets damn long la .
then we took out lunch at Pepper Lunch .
after that went to meet up hoe
went to Maxis for the youth card .
for his lunch ' Wong kok ' .
then cinema .
the no 1 stranger came . then the no . 2 - g-po came and we're almost late for our show again !
after movie went to Mdam Kwan .
she had her dinner then back to home .
Carmen , en pei and I went to take monorail and i walked to Jalan Davidson again !

we ended to be a family and fill with happiness .

191109 .
Thursday .
I went to school again !
what a good girl .
we had a bit bit fun today .
'cause of them . =)
although i thought tomorrow will be my last day and yet today it was .
Not gonna present in school tomorrow .
no transport for me for the last day of my school life in Malaysia .
Sorry peeps .
I will be the one who absent again !
sorry .

p/s : can everyone take a photo with me on the date we take our PMR result ?
please and a hug please .

I miss the teachers suddenly .
You guys own me a photo and a hug !
No objection !

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