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Sunday, November 22, 2009

alone .

silents night .
It wasn't wonderful at all .

the whole house were being so quite .
the whole house is empty now .
looks so dark and cold .
whole family went to Sabah .
except me , ofcz i'm going to but not the same date
gonna be alone for two days .
two days of cup noodle .
going Sabah Monday.
can say is alone , i think .
So i wont be blogging until i come back .
but tomorrow i will still blogging .

well ,
as you can see my blog had a new clothe on .
a new skin ; a new post ; a new life .
I wasted my whole day to eat , show and did anything rubbish !
I have no transport to go out ! Shopping please ...

Who am I ?
until today i just know how people should tread people well .
no point to apologize now .
i know me myself did that too so
cant blame all on you and yet i still cant tell myself to forgive you or myself .
you and I called and said ' I'm sorry . '
Is this possible ?

Why don't you text me again ?
I wonder and i wish you text me .
i was being so stupid for that .
argg .
such a dumb .

What am I doing ?
think ; thought .

It ends tonight with silent .

no point for lying you .
seriously , I'm sorry .

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