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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I don't dare to .

Not dare to .
Countdown .

Take a deep breath and write it out !

031109 .
Was Tuesday .
been force by Carmen to go to school for her lens .
so i went , and there's a trip to UPM .
The trip was sucks at first .
after it around 12 teachers brought us go Time Square for Lunch .
we had fun with chatting all along .
Carmen left her wallet at the foodcount !
we were shocked .
luckily , she went to office for it .
after T.S around 2 went back to school .
Then went to MC D for coke .
Xp .
after it went back home .

the day ended with joy , gossip and truth !

041109 .
Wednesday .
Wake up in the morning went to Sri Hartamas wait for my mum of her facial for 2 hours plus .
While she was having her treatment i was sitting alone in a cafe and i drew lots of words .
I L I . x=
After it mum fetch me to Pavilion and meet up Hoe , Choon Wei and Da .
after 5 minutes Quan came without Joe ! X)
for Jennifer's Body .
The movie was okay .
while movie going on we can heard Brenda and Quan shouting all along !
after movie went to ' Wong Kok ' for Choon Wei's cheese !
then Quan and Hoe went back .
left us . we chatted .. stories all along .
we bought 4 shirts at TOPMAN !
that was great !
ten went to PM by cab .
the driver scolded us .

driver ; us .

Taking photo the second time .
' diao ni ma ma , wo jiao ni men bu yao pai a ! '
shock !
' ni men you mei you du shu de ? lao shi mei you jiao ni men a ? '

we were like WTF !
He fark our mother !
our dan gave him xiak zou .
After reached aroung 8 somthing .
then walk all along the pm for 4 times .
around 10 back home .
finally the first time i'm not the earliest who went back home .
today is Choon Wei !
then reached home and here i am !

photos will be upload soon .

thanks to you .
I'm not dare to face them .

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