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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

promise ; surprise .

Surprise ; last year .
If today was your last day .

I was absent from school again !
Sorry sze and Brenda ffk again !
I have a bro now .
thanks to my sis .
As she said he wants him to be my present .
haha . and i dun accept it !
too bad you might need to think a new present for me CARMEN !

Actually , what's in your mind .
there are flying birds ,
and they are chatting all along their journey .
and yet , they left one of it alone at the corner in the sky .
it was alone and it feels disappointment because today suppose to be it's big day .
a day that it excited it will be some surprise but too bad .
is too late to cherish every last moment now .
Is end .

p/s : Carmen , mum bought you a ' Cheer You Up ' shirt .
Is in pink ! damn nice ~

Is too late .
She said i might say it to myself .
Don't blame on me !

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