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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

miss .

I miss them suddenly .
especially ...

161109 .
Monday .
the first day of their suspension .
and yet i saw the words on the board of 3L !
I was shock ..
I went to school that day cz i need to help my dad for Carmen's things .
as i know concert is coming everybody were busy with it .
and yet the form 3s were so free !

I love them
I miss them
I hate them
They're the bitch !

171109 .
Tuesday .
Is the second day .
Finally , she asked me .
and my answer was no .
WTH had happen to me ?
maybe is true ...
Concert !
i wasn't very good as i thought of .
i just know that Ho Ka Man wore DRESS !
woots . sok -nya .
besides that , I like Michelle and Fei Yee's dace !
XD .
after school . 12:30 went to ts with Nee and Carmen to have lunch then something happen .
everything ends with laught .
It ends today .

I Love Jojo !
It was so cute !!!!!

maybe is true ,

that I cant live without them .

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