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Monday, November 23, 2009

lalala . ribbish bin !

I'm coming
wait for me .
a waste of day .
i used my day with computer , house work and television .
I was so damn bored !
now finally i know how suffer from doing house work !
i cleaned up the floor and mopped the floor .
WTH ! * help *
5 more hours i will be going to the International Airport .
feel excited i think .
I haven't prepare all my properties and yet i'm still here BLOGGING !
if let my mum know she will be nagging me again and again .
luckily , she went first
however , aunt is here !
Jojo went to uncle house and Lucky went to mum's uncle's house .
I think they will take good care .
but not my Jojo .

so , i shall stop here the plane is waiting and i need to take a nap .
Won't be blogging until i come back
although i dunno when i'll . XD
ends .

I think we have settle each other down .
although , i don't want to .

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