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Monday, November 16, 2009

Feels sorry .

Sorry ,
I'm the one who absent again .

131109 .
Friday .
Was their last day .
seriously , i'm sorry for not being there on that day .
since i had an appointment with my dentist so ...
I'm sorry .
Idk how you guys feel on that day .
as i though the cow will cry but she did not !
hmm .
unbelievable , and seriously you guys own me a hug and a photo , please .
It had been two years i be with you guys is not as long as the others ,
but everything happened we settled it so it meant that our friendship is thick enough !
However , about the genting trip i still begging .

141109 .
Saturday .
the competition started !
Edwin and Sharmaine were involve in a competition which involve with many instrument . that was great because the performers involve with 3 years old to 70 years old . XD
However , they get the first place !
congratz .
after competition went to steamboat at night !
from 11 to 1 am . what a great family .
back home around 2 .
=X .

151109 .
Sunday .
The day was as normal .
tuition then dinner with my mum's family .
thanks to the baby !

these days ended with ; touched , memories and hope .

As i write this post i felt very sorry to THEM !
yes , them .
we had so many troubles together and yet we end up with ?
actually until now i also don't understand
' Do we trusts each other ? '

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