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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

awesome trip in 7 seven days.

Back from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Overall the trip is just awesome but they are difference. I had food fun in Taiwan, bought two pairs of shoes a Vans and another like boyish boots. Then in HongKong, had fun meeting up people, shopping on the streets with the wind coming and also a tighty tide train I’ve ever taken before.The last destination Macau wasn’t so good as others. Went to St.Paul other than that only stay at hotel, The Venetian Hotel and shopping. Bought a baggy jeans from Pull & Bear. The shop at there is just awesome due to I have too many jeans I’m not allow to get another pair of it. Then back to Msia now staying at home waiting old photos to be uploaded. I miss everything on the trip, food, people and shopping malls. I regret that I didn’t get the red converse and get the cardigan also the lacoste polo. Just realize that I actually have too much RL polo. I haven’t get my new clothes for CNY tho. ;X

Hope to get an iPhone ‘cause of the casing, hope to get a BB torch ‘cause of the style, hope to get a BB bold 9780 ‘cause it looks more convenient. For sometimes, I just want everything that I can get. It’s easy to get a thing but it’s hard to maintain certain thing. This is life, maintain it or else it will easily get out of this world.

Photos will be uploaded tomorrow perhaps within this week. S’pore trip has been cancel so yea am free until the 5th of Feb peeps. ;)

Perhaps, I felt for a guy.

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