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Monday, January 31, 2011

up in the air.

The last day of January of twenty eleven. I had memories within this month and I started to miss it already. Leaving real soon. I’m terrify for going back facing the books, school, people everyday. I’m regret with what I’ve chosen for the courses that I am taking but it’s too late to change it. There’s only two compulsory subjects that stay the same 4 others have changed. Thought of taking accounting back and geog back but too late. I chose eco which I never studied before a brand new subject. Art History, saying easy but it needs to be catch up. Human never get what they always wanted just never. School, this is a huge school which would be easy to meet new people but to be honest. To meet the people that you really wanna be close with it’s hard. I met people but never get close with people. I admit that, am not sociable enough to meet these people and asking them and telling them jokes like how my sis did last time. Saying hi and bye it’s just …

Just speechless with it, about people in school just no word to describe. So the coming Saturday, I will be going back and meeting this place and saying hi and bye all the time. Being alone at home, trying to work hard with my NCEA level 2 this year. Try to score more credits for the coming year and try to get into the uni I want, the subjects I want and meeting the people I want. This is just hard. I hate how my family asking me ‘don’t you want friends?’. After this question I will just fake a smile and saying I have but just not too close to chat. I answered the same thing every single time. I have no more answer for this question. Not anymore.

Having the time with the love ones on twitter. Saying goodbye, and it makes me feel like am not gonna be back anymore. Oh girls, I miss you guys. L I wish there’s no such word as distance. I will just go through all this pain and make my day like it’s a brand new day. No more going back to the memories and trying to get it back. :X

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Dream big and high. There’s no such word as limit in my dictionary. I am now trying to cut of disappointment in the dictionary now like if I could. :)

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