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Saturday, January 15, 2011

best hang out I ever had for this one time.

This is me and this is just what I love for.

That’s not a problem but love. I love how we used to be super close friend and now we’re like stranger. I hate how we used to be enemy and now we’re friends that can ask anything about. Oh well, I wasn’t suppose to walk out but then someone’s plan is on and it was a must so yea. I went to SM with Joe, Quan and Jing. Thanks to Joe, wasn’t that good to let Joe to be the driver but still thanks a lot , bro. <3>

Anyway, after got into SM called the boss and yes it’s been ages that I actually see her. EeWeiYen, Janice and also XinYiing. I wasn’t surprise but I was surprise that I see the guys that used to be in the same last with me two years ago. I just miss them so freakin’ much that I cant actually speak out a word. Then heading to TS , meet up CarmenPang that crazy ass. Off to OldTown trying to have a long chat time since she and yiing supposed to leave at 4 then the true time she left was 6. We are just so good in chatting about past and present. Besides, while we were chatting SzeYuin came and yes she sounds still the same as last time and omg she had a hair cut. People today were almost all are using iPhone and it makes the crazy ass wanna get an iPhone instead of a BB which mean she’s so gonna break her promise. ;(

Then off to Pv with the other threesome (Yen,Janice and Quan). Joe dropped us off and heading back home was sorry to make an awkward scene. Anyway, off to pv ofcz we did shopping and trying out clothes just had fun that we actually forget about the time. After shopping have our dessert at Snowflakes. This store is making M’sians insane, all of them .Then around 8, Yen’s dad called to rush home. Then the other two plus me off to Fahrenheit 88 to get dinner, saw Gi and Brenda. Was kinda angry that Brenda ditched us but nevermind she got her own choice. Already get used to it. Heading back to quan’s place and let the aunties to have some chit chat time while I called someone to wish him and discuss things with quan.

Well, today was awesome enough to be like everyday I wanted to. It wouldn’t be. So photos will be up but it takes tons of time to upload 5 photos ‘cause the size of it is just TOO BIG. ;X

As I get home, turned on the computer I started to miss him.

Yes, nearly everytime like omfg.

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