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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

establish harmony and balance in your life.

I’ve got two cases here.

His love problem and also her friendship’s problem.

A life couldn’t be complete if there aren’t any problems exist. This is just life, this is the challenge that you should be facing. Friends, love and family. For asian countries, family is not a problem at all but friend is ,so do love.

Friends, being left out by others or being blame by others or even being hate by others. Asian cant actually get into western country normally , there are always some racist people around. That’s how we live, having competition and also being strong at sometime. Even the friend you used to be close will never be there for you forever. They changed so do you, people have different opinion on their friends. Perhaps for me I think she changed to worse and maybe for her I changed to worst. That’s the point of all. You never know how a person feels until you ask and he/she tells.

Besides, love is also a problem in our life. We felt in love, but you never know would he/she left you or even he/she gets annoy about it. He/she could actually feels nothing with you and just trying to have some fun with others instead of you or even the ex. You never know how they think , you cant read their mind. All you can do it’s wait, try not to think much and also stalk. Other than that, if you ask in your mind will be wonders and some negative stuff so all you can do it’s wait for him/her to be the one who started the topic.

A point to male readers, females wouldn’t want to be the one who starts a topic without the relationship. All females do is wait and wait and wait for the guy to be the one first. That’s all.


-the fear of trusting.

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