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Monday, January 31, 2011

ffked the hangout. :(

The hangout.

30rd of January, I received an invitation by the boss the day before. I was so excited that, this could be the last hang out and it’s a hangout that I ever wanted to go yet I ffk-ed. I wasn’t being happy like what I actually wanted to happy. ‘cause this hangout would actually be the last hangout that I gonna have with them. Pei, wei, kh, cw, david and some boys. Oh well, too bad I just ffk straight after. I was suppose to get out of the house at 1 but dad came back late and pick us up at 3 and off to ampang to send something then off to kepong again. First, I was saying I must go to the hangout to myself but things changed at the last minute. Dad brought the whole family out and for no way that am gonna say that I wanna join the buddies. That’s just so wtf. Somehow, I ditched them when my dad is also heading to pv at the same time.

Like seriously, this is the hangout that I ever wanted but I just ditched them. Not depress but just cant get over myself with these matters. anyway, I met a lot of people in Pavilion. First, the AWESOME retarded son, How J-Sern. I didn’t know I have a time to meet him one day like wtf. Then, we met YeeCher, aunty Sharon and a singer(dontknowwhat’sthename). Bought nothing but had the RM600 dinner at Kampachi. Was super full until the dessert it’s not into my stomach. ;( Off back home around 10. Rush to watch OneMillionStar. At least, we didn’t miss the time that JessLeeJiaWei sings. She was just AWESOME, the Malaysian that make me feel so proud. J

The second part of the contest.

Carmen was saying if she didn’t win this competition she will just throw shit in Taiwan.

Luckily she won. J

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