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Friday, January 21, 2011

we just broke up.

It’s Thurs, public holiday for M’sia. Suppose to go out today due to some personal problem am not but at night. The buddies called to Carmen and hang out to have dinner. Somehow, I miss having a dinner and chat time with them. Had Korean food with quan was just FUNNY. Every time she asked for Korean food first thing to ask. Is the spoon in round shape and it’s the chopsticks they had are flat? Interesting aye, she needs to have feel to have Korean food as a meal. What an adorable one. After dinner head back to Klye’s house, for chill but it didn’t work out just some people sitting in front of the TV playing phones, iTouch and iPhones. Lol, this is teenage life for lifeless people like me. ;)

Back to the post title.

We just broke up.
Well, when I was small I dream to have these things happen. Yet I got it for a week and it just breaks away. I never had a dream come true, not even one. Having wishes on birthday, DOESN’T work. Wishing on 11:11, just the same. Nowadays, I wish almost the same wish and it doesn’t work. Perhaps, wishing too much that’s why I NEVER HAD A DREAM COME TRUE. I saw something that I shouldn’t have click in and see. I have no idea why am I felling this but it just hurts. Not that much but it just hurts. It’s been ages that I actually had this feeling. It cannot be explain, it’s like taking something out of your brain and trying to delete it. Besides, having the feeling would actually make the tears workers work so hard for this time. I have no idea why but it just work for this time. I realized one thing, don’t be a stalker to certain things, never have the curiosity to things that might hurt you. Even in your mind that is a might but after you seeing something that doesn’t worth a tear just forget about it.


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