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Sunday, January 23, 2011

extra post.

Tomorrow’s plan, paintball with the company if I can run. Or else, movie with sis and being a lifeless person. Eight hundred and one post, should be sad but just sad things came into my mind. Oh well, I heard a true fact from my bro.

“You don’t need to stalk your lover, it will only let you miss him/her more and making yourself hurt if you saw something bad. Being couples should trust each others not stalking their profile and guess.”

Now I just realize, my brother who’s only 14 years old so fcking mature on these things. Some how, this is just so true. People change, some act they are young and some act they are mature and some just think different form others. Well, everyone has their own mind to think. Just like having different taste on a bag. This is life for everyone. Being left one it’s not a problem, find the solution or else get a person who’s in the same situation.

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