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Friday, January 28, 2011

27th of Jan w/ the couple Hui(S).

The day starts with a rain.

Woke up in the morning, kept yawning for no reason. I was suppose to go to hospital today but too bad we missed the appointment time. It was at 1145 and we thought it’s at 1445. So we booked tomorrow for check up. Somehow, we went out for breakfast and it rained. Thought today would be lil bit windy and not so sunny but it just rained.

Then back home and drop grandma home. O well, after daddy telling me that they are so many people dying outside and I got an infection from ‘GreatDay’. I wish my grandparent are healthy and being happy all the time. No doubt, although they are kinda annoy sometimes yet I miss them like how I miss the others. ;(

Anyway, then off to aunty debby’s shop and waste sometime when it’s only one around that time. I wrote a letter for her like seriously I haven’t been writing letters for like more than a year. I miss having homeworks from SM. Those were memories. Around 3 off to Quan’s palce, saw HngHng and Joe also ah yi. We played Joe’s iPhone for half an hour then the princess just go to bath. I almost forgot how long that princess would take for a bath but it’s too late. We wait her until 5 then off to MidValley. As all Malaysians know that time it’s the jam time so we slept and left the boss drive with Khalil Fong’s songs playing on and on. ;) We arrive there about half an hour. (I can actually get home by now and then) So we parked in TheGarden, then Quan and I left the Mr.Joe alone. We were being too mean to him but you will never feel better when there is a guy following you on a ‘date’. ;X So we both went to MV, first thing to do FOOD which is SUSHI. We are sushi lovers so off to SushiZen, a place where I celebrated birthday two years ago. Well, this place remind me of the cupcakes.

“QUAN! You look so think in my eyes. ;)”

IKURA, it’s a MUST from sushi menu.

The adorable one. ;)

After dinner, we did what other girls will do which is SHOPPING but I got nothing for the day. Since, there’s nothing like what I was looking for I just help the love to get a necklace from Diva. Then help William to get his PS3 game, KillZone2. Then walk up and down, we saw an advertisement which wrote about YOGURT ICECREAM which it’s the princess love so we were trying to find it for like about an hour. Then finally found it from the information center. SPOON. This place it’s just beside Delicious like omfg, we been looking for it like an hour. Somehow, we tried how good was it. I ordered GreenTea with tiramisu and topping with jelly beans. Besides, quan ordered Original topping with GummyBears. It was just awesome. That was the time we chilled and the time the couple STALKED.

The best driver ever, <3

I suppose, they worried too much about me for being that curious on the boy. Somehow, am just glad that they cared. At least. ;) then about 9 off to TheGarden and get Heidi’s present from Quan. After that, it’s time to get back since my mum it’s waiting for me outside her place.

On the way to the basement, we love taking photos. ;)
The boss, driver and lover of hers. ;)

I HAD AN AWESOME DAY w/ PhangHuiQuan and HuiJoeYang.

Appreciate for the drive and opinions. ;)

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