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Thursday, January 13, 2011

late post. ;X

This should be up last night. ;x

11th January.

As last night I came back from the 7 days trip and today I thought I would stay at home and having some kinda of fun with my super ‘fast’ uploader for about 700 photos from the trip. Yet, called SaikHoe (itwasamissedcalled) and yes I miss him. Not to forget the love one, PhangHuiQuan. I called and kept asking where is she while she’s at car heading back home. Told her I would be there but actually I didn’t have any transport as mum gonna go facial and sis went out with her friends. So yea, SaikHoe returned the call it was short but saying that he will be at home and Carmen gonna find him soon. So she’s been forced to have 6 people in a not so big car. (KahYan’s) head to her house to get another car so two cars and go to Hoe’s place. Reach there around dinner time. Saw his family all together and yes I’m toally in love with him and his family!

Anyway, had dinner at their place. Mcd and PizzaHut. Then Kenji called for karaoke. The night was awesome overall one thing is karma. Due to a reason, I stopped Quan for joining us I fell down from a some kind of staircase. Karma aye. So now I had a pair of piggy legs, abnormal walk style and ugly leg. Omfg. I want it to be recover real soon. Friday’s outing and next week’s. darn darn darn.

Dad, please let me get out of the house so I wouldn’t get sick and my leg needs exercise. ;X

p/s: photos will be upload soon. ;X

sorry for the wordy blog post.

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