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Thursday, January 27, 2011

memories of mine in this place.

This will be a wordy post without any photos but description of the mood I had in SM today.;)

I went back to this place today. There’s not much different about StellaMaris just the paint and new juniors. Well, I went there around ten past three. First thing I saw was minicourt. I miss that place where the girls’ basketball team were held in with the sunny bright sun. Looking the juniors playing without pjk shirts on. Those were memories, anyhow I went through the office and the first teacher I saw. Mrs.Param , the best mathematic teacher. she stays the same but the first thing she call me was CARMEN. My reaction was wtf but this can be excused since she’s old and she doesn’t really like me for joining the boys in form 3M. oh well, that year was awesome but things also happened in that year. Anyhow, the first mate I saw was JernJeit. Yes, that chubby guy that talk craps. He was in a rush so we just hugged and saying hi&bye. ;) So I off to auditorium with my piggy leg from the back doors. Saw the guys having training. First to talk with KiatGee. He stays the same. Fair, talk, talk craps and eat. Then the coach came, I joined the girls. Yeap, PeiYi, XueSze and also Brenda. It’s been a month that I actually see Pei and Sze like seriously I miss them. Looking at them let me think of the time I stayed back in SM’s canteen and waiting for mum to pick me up. Brenda, the hun who used to stay back just for her boy,HanXian.

So we chatted and chilled for about 1 and half hour then Pei needs to get back home with her bro. Then it’s Sze’s turn. The hugs and photos weren’t enough for two years to keep. Oh well, they never like to take photos but at least one from each. Then walked down from audi to assembly hall to let them go off my eye sight. Walked slowly to audi again, I met Mr.Liew. The so called science teacher for the form 1s and 2s. We talked, he is getting older like seriously. Last time, he never talk so soft and never smile. Well, he talked about the gang that used to be together and how bad were we and how fun was the school with us and how troublesome were we. That were fun, that’s teenage life.

Got into audi, there were preparing to finish the training. Fortunately, some of them did talk to me or else I will be a freak at there. ;( Thanks to ChunWeng, KiatGee and HanXian. I met the skills of them and the players of SMSM. Just glad.

After that, off to mamak with HX,JY,KH and Brenda for about 20 minutes off to lrt station. They were in a rush only da and I took the same train and kh took the same way but different train. The other two off to ktm station. Today’s plan was all in rush but do appreciate that we say hi&bye also a smile from everyone of them. It’s been ages that I actually see them face to face with a smile. Hope I could have the same feeling again meeting them perhaps two more years? Just hope.

Oh, on the way to mamak I got questions from them about the same guy. That moment was funny.

-Whereyourbfcomefrom? -Howyoumeetyourbf?

-Whyyoulikehim? -It’salongdistancerelationship.

Thought of telling them the truth but no. Just let it be will be better. J

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