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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

taste of lollies just like us .

Everybody said time flies
I do agree but I hope it can fly faster .

I wanna say thanks you for the memories but you will never say welcome 'cause all your remember is just now and then not the past of us . I hardly ever blog nowadays , sorry to say that I wanna blog but there's nothing special happen in my life . Even I have I always can't really blog it out it's like too sad to blog it out and blog what I'm feeling it's kinda boring ? So I decided wrote everything in my phone instead in the web .

ohh , last Saturday the first outing with the girls in NZ . They are not blonde but yellow skins most of them are from M'sia , 1 from China and another one it's from Taiwan . I though I could enjoy it but all i got was just only walk along the street only XiuQi and I chat along . It's kinda random I spent like only 8 bucks for the day's outing . Pretty sad to say so !

I heard Grace went back to M'sia and they spent time with her too . It's kinda good to hear that from her . I hope I can do so but the time I have to wait it's like ages to go . although it's only 6 more months but for me it's like 6 more years to go back . Life's simple here but I took it seriously with a word 'complicated' . Things are actually simple only I seem to make it complicated 'cause of the jealousy .

So school holiday ended in M'sia and yet NZ's it;s coming up in 1 or 2 weeks time . Looking forward to it 'cause no school and I got time to get enough sleep .

As in my msn and fb also wrote the same status , most of them said ' YOU ARE NOT! ' but still I wondered and I do asked myself am I thinking negatively again . I'm not this time , I'm 100% sure .

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