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Friday, June 25, 2010

still there's a long way for me .

Day wasn't that bad .
I been like four days never blog . I am getting lazier and lazier nowadays , as I tell them I gonna put on diet but I still eat a lot but finally one thing help me not to eat much ! BRACES , I went to dentist yesterday and I changed my colour to baby blue and purple (love it) ! ofcz there's two more new friends accompany them - two squares which form by the new rubber bands in my mouth . It's getting pain today , I can't really bite a sandwich which I bought to school today . I used like 35 minutes just for a sandwich ! (wtf , right ?)

Mum called her friends in M'sia today and my sis gonna call her 'lau po' soon and after she said that sentence I said I gonna call to my friends too , all she replied was ' you have friends huh ? gonna call Saik Hoe or Gi Po right ?' my reaction was like er ..... *speechless* . I though of that question like 15 minutes the answer I got was no one . I just wondering who to call which can chat for sometimes and there's no one . Maybe she's right I don't have any friends who can really chat to and no one I can really talk through things . Even my brother said 'You don't have any friends so stop talking about the friends problems you're having!' . I was like 'yeah , you're right I dont really have friends.'

That's all I got from the day's topic .

Conclusion was
JessieTanJiaXin doesn't have much friends to
share things with or even chat with.

can see my pretty teeth ?

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