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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

J'aime quelqu'un comme lui

Looked at my title you probably will wonder what it's .
As my bro study French and I decided to write something with it .

The sky was blue and grey , it rained just as the same time I woke up . Prepare myself within 30 minutes and it stopped for 15 minutes . The sun rose and I walked out the door not more than 5 minutes the sky cried ! It came suddenly without any notice , William took out his umbrella so as I . Walked to school with the sky crying was suffering just with the muddy field . Shoes was in black , after crossing the field and it filled full with brown mud with my trousers and the sky turn back to blue with the orange sparks . School was as usual , the first time I brought porridge to school 'cause of my pretty teeth .

Gonna the right portfolio today and with 5 pictures within this week . it's like three days to go and I don't think I can finish it before the due date . English work also due on Friday and I got like 2 more essay to describe . School works are killing me !!! However , three more days I gonna heading to bed and computer everyday ! It's the end of term 2 and I might be have fun with the people in MY with the skype if they're free ?

study under the table will make me feel comfort .
*ignore the fats !*

If you still noticing with my fats and you will know this is the truth .
typed my CarmenTan
I love her phone !!!!

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