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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a moment like this won't let you feel as sweet as candy .

She's away at previous days so as now .

Tuesday ; finished with the long weekend and I got my Science internal back . what a great news ? I worked so hard in it and all I get was a N (not achieve) I though I could even get a M (merit) but it's a good news to announce ? there's always a questions mark . Felt just as bitter as cud just hope I can put on a face which just like a devil's sick of sin . I wonder why i will type those words but I just felt so fed up ! I work so hard and the result i got was like this piece of shit . It's Chemistry this few weeks , I dont even know any symbol of the ions and metal ! It's killing me and now geog it's done but art assessment it's coming out I drew another today it's kinda lucky I didn't get late for the next period of it but it's just stress !

as you guys can see yesterday and the day before yesterday . The wifey and I were having fun on skype . I had a good feeling on that day ?

Photos is in her fb and this is on mine .
Kinda free to edit it like this . =)

I spent two days on skype with the wifey to have fun and camwhore ! It's pretty fun when we do so . I'm looking forward by who's the next one who would rather have fun with me ? Monday was Queen's Birthday so it's a public holiday spent to day at home with the people who also having mid - term holiday in Malaysia . I wonder how were they doing in the holidays ? Boys are as normal went to Jun's house and girls hanging out with some of the boys .

Saturday , 5th of June . Had a party at house which full of auties and the funny thing was we watch Paranormal Activity in a room with the lights off . All teenagers and something relly funny is the very first time i got scared and Carmen , William and I slept in a queen size bed ! haha . I just cant stop laughing at it ! ==

Sunday , 6th of June . Went to shopping at Dress Smart bough 2 shirts , 2 singlet and 1 pants . It's sales that's why we went to enjoy our shopping day ! at night webcammy with the wifey and end the day . I enjoyed buying things but not trying them on . I wore a super skinny jean which is really skinny for me i think ? haha and I don't even feel like taking them off after I had them on .

there's a blue-black in the middle of my hand .
dumb people do so .

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