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Monday, June 14, 2010

nice title yet a bad index .

I recommend that
yet you rejected .

She is unique and she's in an unique family . Everything seems unfair and unique in her whole life . Different from others and the only one from others . It came close and went far away , after all she was the person they looked toward and tell them everything will be alright ; He tried to fill up the gaps that they left behind . However , she tried to appreciate it but too bad - time flies and it can't be rewind back to the time she wanted to be continue . She's trying to step one step at a time and being strong in everything she gonna face nowadays . She used to stop things for happen in a bad conditions but now she's trying to let things happen even it's in a bad or good conditions . She doesn't want to look forward or backwards , she just let the thing flows by itself and happen by itself .

She inbox - ed him and all she got was he's changed to a nicer person , caring and lovely but for her , she felt regret all what she had done to the old time .

Random stuff just typed with the feelings .

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