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Monday, June 28, 2010

Postpone of my second goal .

This post suppose to be on the 26th of June but
I wasn't free to upload and talk about it .
It's an accident at that day ...

Well start with the morning ,
I woke up from my sis's room 'cause she called me to accompany her last night . We tucked ourselves in around 12 but we chatted in the bed until 2 something . Then we went to the factory sales from Billabong . Bought two things not for me but the two besties of mine , PhangSaikHoe and PhangHuiQuan . I don't know you guys will like it or not but I still buy it 'cause it's cheap . I was planning to get myself some clothes but what I got was a sunglass and one keychain . Got some 1 dollar stuff which it's pretty worth !! After the sales , went to Albany Mall walk around with Carmen and mum also aunty may . We walk separately at first and went to 'bling' get some accessories . I got a bracelet which it's pretty and a ring ! Carmen bought like tons of stuff 'cause it's SALES !!! Then went to a shop name as 'factorie' , their shirts are just totally suit my style as my sis said so and I do agree with it ! I saw a skinny jeans which it's like old style with holes about and within the hole there are laces in it ! It was pretty but there's only hundred and one size and I just can't fit it ,it lose when I put it on .

After walked around , went to meet mummy up and Carmen bought 3 bottles of O.P.I in orange , purple and brown colour i think ? Then mum went to Country Road to get some pants ... Went to have lunch then heading back home .

Until at night around 11 something I was planning to and sleep but since my baby , WaiJengFatt is online and we chat about 15 minutes my 'second goal' came and nudge me !
I was going to reject her not to webcammy her but she already sent me a request ! Look at her freak face just remind me how we used to be like . =)

The dumb face of hers , Carmen Pang !
acting like a suk lui ? =)
the prettiest pic I took .
p/s: I made this as my contact image in my phone !

around 20 minutes went off and heading to sleep in the same room as Carmen again . We were planning to chat but both of us were too tired so it ended with a sweet dream . =)

p/s: Ashley Hong , I couldn't find boardshorts for you all are in Jing's taste plus SHORT !!!
sorry , I will search for it again . <3

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