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Sunday, June 13, 2010

J is her new name .

sunshine plus sunset .

the fashion sense .

New member of the sweet family . End of July there's gonna be a new member in my family as my cousin bro said her name should be call as Summer Liew and I just wonder why ? Summer it's so normal but that's their daughter they should call what they like . =) My sis and I just wonder that she could name as Kimberly as shortform it's Kim . I love this name but too bad she's not belong to us so we cant really change her name as we want to . Last few week I forgot what day , ah lok chatted with me and he called me as J so as weiyen's blog also call me as J . I just love the name J , so if you guys wanna call me so just call me J , Jess or Jessie ! J is just so cool as lok wants us to call him as L but I prefer S but he said if I call him as S , S it's just sounds like ass . =)

um ... It's kinda dead nowadays . I'm stuck with my art external which full of colour stuff and drawings . I showed my wifey my colour drawing but she preferred my drawing with pencil seriously , my colouring it's really suck maybe I will show you guys next time when I'm done with my portfolio . Just received a newest news it's my dad is coming on the 24th or July until 5th of August and one great news it's on the 4th of August my beloved Khalil it's coming to NZ ! woohooo ... I'm looking forward to it and tomorrow I might call and book tickets for sis and I . James might be joining too but I think we will sit at the different prices seats .

Saturday , went to dress smart again 'cause my mum left her phone in the fitting room and until friday the worker just called and tell us this . It's kinda lucky after one week my mum's phone is back to her and she don't need lose her contact number in her phone . If it's in M'sia they won't be this kind of people . The very first time went to Dress Smart didn't even buy 1 thing . == Kinda stress plus tired about it , I hope I can buy clothes without looking at the price tag but I can't ! LACK OF MONEY at the moment . At night , went out to have dinner in Waiting Bar again . After dinner they came to our house and chit-chat as we know adults like to do so and the children were doing to same thing watch horror movie , we watched case39 . I watched it like the third or fourth times already but it's kinda good , i think .

Overall , things are alright just as normal which make me feel neutral enough to think positively .

we gonna put on diet together !

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