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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Result was zero .

It's Sunday , the 27th of June .
One more school week to mid-term holiday , I'm looking forward about it .

It's rainy day but still we went to city again with aunty may again . Parked the car at Sky Tower and search for lunch , most of the restaurant are closed 'cause it's sunday plus korean need to go to church so ... we went to a Chinese shop to have some porridge . Since my teeth are now ' biteless ' so my lunch was porridge , it was alright but i dropped my phone in that restaurant which it's really @#$%^&* . I forgot to zip the bag and when I stand up I dropped my phone with the battery out ! luckily , it doesn't hurt that much (i think)...

After lunch , the sky was still crying with some drops just like something happen to it but it just don't wanna share to everyone or there's no one to share with ? We went to the upstairs of Withcouls which do sell clothes . Carmen bought 1 and so as mum , Will bought two headsets and I bought ... NOTHING ! Pretty surprise to see that result , I was planning to get myself a bracelet at the City Market but since the sky it's crying all the stores are close and I just couldn't find myself to get something really nice to buy , that's why my result was ZERO !

However , mum bought some pearls and we sit the side and do something like ...

these .
My Will-I-Am ! =)

Then went to the sky tower to wait Uncle Ben come out from the casino and we do suck thing as ...
this is what tourist will do so as us ! =)
while we're waiting .

this picture it's kinda *erhemm* .
Don't ever think much about this pic .
I laugh soloud just because I took this with my sis .
Get the joke if you can .

The day end with sushi , snowflakes and zero result !

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