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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come and Go

like no one cares .

I can effort this , I think ?

She told herself to be herself and the conclusion it's just that she can't . She bothers how people look at her and how people laugh at her . She tried her hardest just to ignore everything but she just can't do so ... According to the calender the time are flying but she just hope it can be faster 'cause she hope she could refresh the memories of her and them . She wanted to be the important one so she's trying her very best just to catch people's life there .

Day free after being retard in tuition center . I'm back from tuition and it's free for today .. I didn't bring my eng work 'cause today went to library to study . I didn't bring my art 'cause I'm lazy to carry the colours come and go . I didn't bring my geog's work 'cause I've done with my internal . I didn't bring my acc 'cause I've done dealing with it . I didn't bring my chem 'cause I'm done with it . I didn't bring my math 'cause I know all the algebras .

Today twitter's search topic is ' #OurFriendshipEndedWhen ' and I left one message which it's kinda stupid ? However , I saw one it's " #OurFriendshipEndedWhen you started acting like a totally different person to me in front of your new 'peeps' ." This sentence made me feel like totally right and another one which it's really true is "#OurFriendshipEndedWhen I notice you only contact me when you need something." Maybe these reason might end a friendship just like last time what we did but it's all the past we should look forward to the future which just not far away from now . =)

Until today I just realize the topic between me and the boys are all clothing , girls and braces . Everytime I met someone new the topic it's always start with clothing , I just wondered why ? Besides that , I think a girl wanna be girly it's not wearing skirt it's being like a girl so I don't think a girl like me needs to wear skirt or even dress ! I prefer jeans , shorts , polo tee , big-t and sneakers . What's the fashion now ? I'm kinda out now as my sis said so ... She told me the new style of this season and I was like is it ? I don't even know these . WTF !!! I gonna update myself with what ? When I have no idea what I should do next ! ==

p/s : no heels , please .

Days were bored bored bored !

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