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Monday, September 28, 2009

wtf PMR ?!

I hate you .
did you ask me bout it ?
you dumb dumb !!!!

I'm so free !
lols .
This was the pic which drew by the jing a .
hahah .
nv qiang ren ; angle !
sprry i did copied it down !

Went to Sunway today .
for my sis things .
and yet i cant find what she want .
*hand hand key chain*
sorry Carmen !

I froze my karma ..
people froze earlier dy .
and yet left less than 2 weeks to PMR !
Is time to study peeps !
i wish i wont touch the com this few days .
wish to .
i want shoppinggggg .

i need more study time !
i wodner can we use phone tomoro in school ?
hmm ...

x time please .
o out of my heart !
x No , I don't !!
o wonders what to do next ..

b i r t h d a y ?

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